About us

The popularity of our hybrids is growing year by year, thanks to:

Increased stress resistance (resistance to cold, heat-and drought tolerance)

Stable harvest (quite high harvest even under disadvantageous weather or nutrition conditions)

Adaptability and responsiveness to producing conditions (under good conditions can give record amount of harvest)

Best value for money on market

34 years ago WOODSTOCK Seed Trading Ltd. was established by a Hungarian family.

The company has become one of the leaders of the seed market of CIS countries becoming well-known and trusted brand for farmers. In recent years, our hybrids are getting more and more popular in central and northern regions of Europe also.

One of the leaders of the seed
market in Russia and CIS countries.

Climate changes and new requirements of the market demand to expand the assortment of our corn hybrids. We expand the premium line GS series of innovative corn hybrid seeds. This line includes all maturity groups from FAO 180 till FAO 460 that are actually sown in the fields of Russia. These hybrids have increased resistance to stress, high adaptability to environmental conditions of production and much greater harvest in the maturity group. We are happily acquaint you with this premium line GS series hybrids.

The innovative activity of our company is different from others - we use a very wide genetic base, as a result of close cooperation with seven European breeding centers in order to create the most suitable maize hybrids for each region. All of our seeds are representing a high genetic value, high quality and capable for early sowing.

Our seeds are grown exclusively by OECD standards on the best farms in Hungary, employing highly professional experts, calibrated and packed at the best producers with international accreditation with the latest equipment by certified ISTA methods. All this ensures the high quality of seeds under the brand WOODSTOCK.

Our company, along with local dealers, makes everything possible to provide the most suitable hybrids for every farmer’s region. We also host lots of demonstrations and seminars on production technology. Professionalism and fairness of our staff will help you with recommendations and choosing the right hybrids to improve the technology of corn production to obtain high harvest and profitability of your business.

On behalf of WOODSTOCK Ltd., we would like to thank you for the many years of cooperation and wish great success and good health!